Why you will love this book

  • Use software you already know and have

    You only need what you already have installed on your computer. There is no need for any other software, additional plugins or fonts. Just the plain installation of Microsoft Word 2013 (or Word 365).

  • Text effects for every occasion

    It does not matter if you plan to make a family reunion invitation or a business letter for an international company. Various styles described in this book cover all requirements.

  • All tutorials are short and fast to create

    You do not need to reserve an entire weekend to start creating great looking documents. Every tutorial in this book can be completed in less than one hour - some even take only 5 minutes!

  • Combine and transform for endless variations

    These 7 tutorials are just a beginning. A simple font change produces a brand new text effect. Take colors from one, background from another and voila - you have a completely new masterpiece.

  • Download sample .docx files

    The best learning comes from examining the work of others - that is why you can download all the .docx files and try them on your own. To get those files, scroll to the bottom of this page.

  • Optimized for iPad, available for any device

    This book is primarily created for an iPad in the iBooks format. For any other device there is a .pdf version. You do not even need to download it - you can read it online in your browser.

Take a look inside


A word from the Author

I believe that graphic design is a science, just like, for example, mathematics, with defined principles and rules to follow. And just like anything else, it can be taught and learned. The whole creative block (and all other kinds of block) is nothing but a lack of information, knowledge and will. Creativity is overrated, it comes free along the way of learning.

These statements may sound like empty words, so I have decided to prove them right and write a book - a book about graphic design for everyday computer users using software they are already familiar with. Something that could help others to understand that you do not need art schools, years of training or expensive software to create nice-looking documents. Your tools are limited, but your imagination should not be.

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